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Envirotech Stewardship Group helps regional and global companies navigate recycling and end-of-life requirements for retail, manfucturing and consumer packaged goods. Our turn-key solution integrates Federal and all Provincial regulations that meets Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) requirements. Our system is built on green accounting principles that align with your current accounting practises. We get it right and give you peace of mind so you can focus on your business.



Environmental regulations can be challenging, resource intensive and costly. Whether it's a past compliance issue or current regulatory alert, our hands-on team of experts have over 25 years experience solving complex environmental issues for both small and large operations. We deliver the most cost-effective solution that delivers the needed approvals and ongoing operational compliance.

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Ensure you meet all environmental regulations with the help of Envirotech Associates Ltd. Environmental compliance in Canada requires that companies adhere to numerous regulations and sustainable practices, so many that it can be an overwhelming task to determine if your company meets the requirements. Avoid the risk of getting shut down with our Science Teams' help. We'll work to get you the approval you need to operate and make sure that you are in line with all of Canada's environmental codes.

We started working with companies who wanted to know if they met the appropriate regulations to operate in Canada. As new environmental regulations came into play, more businesses looked to us for help. We began receiving referrals after working with our first global multi national company and soon our client base grew. Today, we serve countless corporations throughout Canada and North America as a result of these positive referrals.

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